Instawinners promotion image with Thank you for making us #1 Lender and #1 Financial Institution

Who are DNCU members?

DNCU members are people that:

  • Joined our cooperative (Here at DNCU, YOU are a member-owner, not just a number)
  • Use their debit cards for purchase
  • Make deposits (By setting up direct deposit, remote deposit capture, or coming in to a location)
  • Download our mobile app (Available on the Apple App Store or Google Play)
  • Choose eStatements ( To make our planet greener)
  • Apply for credit cards
  • Apply for mortgage products
  • Apply for consumer or auto loans
  • Open Kids' Baxter savings accounts so that younger generations understand the value that Del Norte Credit Union brings to Northern New Mexico!

YOU also voted us #1 Financial Insitution and #1 Lender in the Santa Fe Reporter's Best of Santa Fe and #1 Financial Institution in the Los Alamos Chamber Awards!

Allow us to say, THANK YOU! For 30 days, between August 15 - September 14,  we'll choose random #Instawinners* for everyday banking! What are you waiting for? See us today or apply & sign online - and you too can WIN! 

*Del Norte Credit Union (DNCU) members will be chosen randomly daily from August 15 - September 14. 2018. We are rewarding members for using the various products and services we offer, as well as, new products and services that members sign up for. For example; a member's name will be randomly selected from a day's remote deposit capture deposits. Or another day, we may choose a member that recently signed up for eStatements. We will be rewarding $5,000 in 30 different DNCU gift cards denominations and those cards will be randomly selected as well. Winners will be notified by phone or e-mail. The more products and services you use or open at DNCU during the promotional period, the more chances you have to win. Ways to win: Mobile App user, new loan, new eStatement, debit card transaction, online banking user, CUAnytime user, DNIS appointment, new membership, new kid's account, new credit card, direct deposit user, Facebook follower, eMail address on record, credit card user, loan payment made, remote deposit capture user, eBlast click thru, external transfer user, POP$ user,  new loan, or kids' account deposit. The odds of winning are based on the number of transactions for the day.