DNCU SCORE Savings Accounts for Teens

Score! Teen Program

Score is a program designed to teach teens (13-17 years old) the basics of personal finance, at the optimum time, when they are developing financial habits that will shape their future. If your teen is between the ages of 13-17 and has a savings account, they are already benefiting from the program.

Score Perks:

  • A Score! savings account, which earns .25% APY* more interest than a regular savings account
  • Online eLearning courses designed to teach teens how to manage money responsibly
  • The Score Card - special teen credit card** (optional)

* Annual Percentage Yield
** Teens are eligible for the credit card if they have a current Score account, are 16 years or older, have successfully read with parents and discussed the required articles below. Parents/guardians are legally liable for any card charges. The Score Card is an optional part of the Score program. Required courses are:

  1. Teaching Children How to Budget
  2. Budgeting 101 
  3. Budgeting Steps
  4. Budgeting Mistakes
  5. Tracking Your Expenses
  6. How to Establish Good Credit

Score Card Perks:

  • Gives your teen a chance to build a strong credit history from a young age
  • Teens learn how to use credit responsibly and repay debts under parental supervision
  • Our cards have a low $300 limit for your peace of mind
  • Convenient for school trips, travel, gas, or when teens are running errands for you
  • Online account access for easy activity monitoring

GreenPath University:

Education is the key to a strong financial future. Most teens today learn the money habits that shape their future from their parents. We know how busy your life is. That’s why we’re making it easy for you to teach your teen about money management in the comfort and convenience of your own home. To be eligible for the Score Card, working together teens and parents must read and discuss the six articles above in GreenPath University. We encourage you to read through all the appropriate GreenPath University material and webinars.

What to Expect:

  • Parents and teens read and discuss all six of the budgeting and financial literacy courses listed above
  • Parent and teen sign the Score! Credit Card Acknowledgement letter
  • Contact the Lending Center at 505 455-5356 or 888 278-5228.
  • After the paperwork is filled out, The Score Card will arrive in 10 days.

For a fun way to practice earning and saving, find fun financial literacy games on Visa's Practical Money Skills site.