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Auto Loans in New Mexico

New or used, Del Norte Credit Union has a great deal on a vehicle loan for you! Our auto loan rates are very competitive, and DNCU staff takes pride in helping our members get the best deal on a car loan.

Apply for a DNCU vehicle loan to finance a new or used car, truck, or motorcycle.

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If you’re looking for a better approach to vehicle financing, access to competitive rates, and flexible payment options, Del Norte Credit Union has got you covered. With our credit union auto loans, you have the freedom to pick any vehicle of your choice, including, new or used cars, trucks or motorcycles - there are no restrictions in your make and model choices. Along with unmatched service and competitive rates, DNCU offers free pre-approvals and no prepayment penalties. Have the ride you want while keeping more money in your pocket.

Our team simplifies the entire process of acquiring Santa Fe car loans. We believe that finding New Mexico auto loans should be easy; the process should be as straightforward and stress-free as it can be. We don’t make you jump through countless hoops.

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What You Should Do Before Obtaining an Auto Loan

Before you shop, submit an application for your auto loan so that when you go to the auto dealer you’ll be armed with the following information:

  • How much you qualify for
  • The amount of money you need for a down payment

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Types of Car Loans

We offer two major types of auto loans:

New and used vehicle loans: DNCU has an auto loan that matches your budget and lifestyle regardless of your preferences. Amounts differ from funds needed to buy a reliable car for your kids to funds for a luxury vehicle, and everything in between.

Your credit score and history will play a key role in determining the interest rate.

Refinance loans: These are loans applied to your current car loan for better auto loan rates. Generally, they lower your monthly payment.

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How to Get a Better Auto Loan

Avoid dealer loans: While loans offered by dealerships can seem convenient, in most cases they don’t offer the best terms. As an alternative, apply for an auto loan from a credit union you can trust.

Comparison shop for your vehicle: It’s usually easier to finance when the total cost of your vehicle is lower. So start comparing dealers and look into rebates to find a great deal.

Look beyond the car payment! Watch total cost and APR (annual percentage rate) when you compare lenders. These number will help you know how different repayment terms may affect your finances and the amount you can expect to pay for the life of the loan while you're driving your car in Santa Fe, Española, Los Alamos or Northern New Mexico.

Our staff will offer you the advice you need to get the best auto loan in New Mexico for your personal situation. We are keen on taking you through every step of the auto loan process and making sure that you understand all that’s involved.

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Apply for a loan whichever way you prefer:

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