Secured Loans

We offer secured loans for recreational equipment, heavy equipment and mobile home purchases. Details about each type of loan are below.

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Recreational Vehicles

Recreational vehicle loans include Motorhomes, Travel Trailers, Campers, Watercraft, Offroad Vehicles (e.g. ATVs). These vehicles require a special loan structure to make sure your financial interest is protected. That is why DNCU has developed specialized lending programs to make us one of the most trusted RV lenders in northern New Mexico.

Come to DNCU for Watercraft - including motorized boats for fishing, pontoon boats, jet skis and other recreational boats used on water - and Offroad vehicles, including ATVs, Snowmobiles and vehicles that go off road!

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Tractors-Heavy Equipment

Many of us in northern New Mexico need tractors and other heavy equipment to help us tend to our land. For those of us who need equipment, we also need a lot of time to do the work, so DNCU has established a fast lending process for tractors and heavy equipment.

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Mobile Homes

Financing a mobile home can be a tricky process! Many people finance mobile homes without realizing how fast they depreciate and often times find themselves in a financial bind.

DNCU's mobile home lending program helps our members avoid the many pitfalls in financing a mobile home.

Use the Apply Now button below to apply for a mobile home not on a permanent foundation or on rental property.  If you're buying a mobile home to put on a permanent foundation on your own land, go to our Real Estate site to apply.

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