New Mexico's Best Credit Card Offers

New Mexico’s Best Credit Card Offers

When you’re choosing a credit card, many options are available. It’s best to do some research before applying. Some cards come with special deals or rewards programs. Credit unions offer several advantages over traditional banks in terms of lower or no fees.  You may want to think about joining one to see the difference for yourself. It’s easy to become a member! Check out these credit card offers available through Del Norte Credit Union.

Why Choose a Credit Union?

The main difference between a traditional bank and a credit union is that banks are for-profit, while credit unions are not for profit. That can often mean much higher fees at traditional banks. On average, banks charge twice as much for late fees as credit unions. Credit union credit cards recently had an average interest rate of 11.71% APR* compared to 13.13%* APR at traditional banks, not including the variable APRs that can push the rate up as high as 21%*. The smaller membership at a credit union, compared to that of a national bank, also means you are more likely to get personalized customer service. You can get quicker help and attention to detail instead of dealing with automated recordings or getting stuck on hold. Plus credit unions have modern technology just like big banks – mobile apps, remote deposit and other great features.

VISA Platinum Card

The VISA Platinum card available through the DNCU has an annual percentage rate of 9.9% APR*, with no penalty APR. Like other platinum credit cards, it has a higher spending limit. You also get access to VISA Purchase Alerts, an opt-in service that sends an email for each use of your card. With this card, you get the convenience of being able to use any ATM. You can even make up for a low credit score by using your savings account to secure the card and get started building or rebuilding your credit. This credit card is a great option for a wide range of users, from people with experience using credit cards to those just getting started.

Fewer Fees and Low Monthly Payments

Avoid the extra fees that come with traditional banks: the VISA Platinum card has no annual fee and no fee for balance transfers. There’s no minimum finance charge and no charge for going over the credit limit or cash advance, either. Foreign transactions have a fee of only 1%, as compared to the average of 2.97% among other banks. Late fees and returned payment fees are both $25. The monthly payment rate is either $15 or 3% of your balance, whichever is higher.

CU Rewards

Every time you use your VISA Platinum card, you earn points that can go towards CU Rewards. Each purchase automatically qualifies for points, with no special extra steps required. This exciting rewards program offers plenty of choices for redeeming your rewards points. Choose from jewelry, speakers, cookware and lots of other categories. Use your card consistently to get these credit card benefits.

CU Rewards Mall

CU Rewards Mall is a bonus for the regular rewards program. Whenever you shop at stores that are participating in the program, you earn Mall points on top of the normal rewards points. Mall points can go towards special offers or even discounts at participating retailers.

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*Annual Percentage Rate based on approved credit.


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