Q. Are you still open for business?
A. Yes! We can take care of the majority of our usual products and services. First, please try one of our drive thrus. If we can't handle your request safely, we will arrange an in branch visit. Please note: to protect you and all our Members, we may ask multiple account verification questions. We may also impose limits on large withdrawals. Our online banking, via desktop or our mobile app, allows you to update your address, make loan payments, make a deposit with your smart phone (app only) or make a mortgage payment. If you're not signed up, use the New User button below the login box on our home page to request activation. Unavailable Services We are able to accept rolled coins for deposit at our walk-up drive-thru window, but at this time we cannot accept loose change or make our count counting machines available. We cannot cash checks for non-Members at this time.
Q. Is my money safe with the credit union?
A. Del Norte Credit Union (DNCU) is financially strong and extremely well positioned to weather any financial turbulence due to market fluctuations or the current pandemic: 1.) All of our deposit accounts are insured by the full faith and credit of the United States Government through the National Credit Union Association (NCUA) up to $250,000 per account. 2.) The financial strength of a credit union is measured by it’s capital adequacy ratio. This ratio represents the net-worth of the credit union divided by the total assets of the credit union. The NCUA considers credit unions with a capital adequacy ratio of 7% to be well-capitalized. Del Norte’s capital ratio is about 11.3% well above the NCUA’s criterion. As of February 2020 DNCU has a net worth of approximately $83 million dollars which, when divided by our total assets of $740 million equates to our capital ratio of 11.3%. 3.) As a not for profit financial cooperative our primary objective is to serve our member owners and to be sustainable into the future. We pride ourselves on being conservative with our financial decisions and have a stated goal to be relevant in any interest rate environment. Therefore fluctuations in interest rates and other market volatilities do not negatively impact us in any material way. 4.) We have our financial statements audited by a CPA firm every year and consistently maintain a “clean” opinion. These are available to members upon request. 5.) We are highly regulated by both the NCUA and Financial Institutions Division of the state of New Mexico and they examine us frequently and validate that we are operating in a safe and sound manner. 6.) We have been recognized as a Top 200 Healthiest Credit Unions in the Country ( out of over 5,000 credit unions) for 2019 by depositaccounts.com with a health rating of A+. 7.) We have been recognized by Forbes, a leading business publication, which ranked credit unions across the United States in it’s first-ever survey. DNCU was ranked second in the State of New Mexico. 8.) Five Star ratings from Bauer Financial more than 50 consecutive quarters – ranks the financial strength of financial institutions. 9.) Details of our financial condition can be found at NCUA.GOV using charter number 64759
Q. I am experiencing a financial hardship due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, are there options for me to seek Mortgage payment deferrals?
A. Yes, we are sorry about your current situation. Rest assured you can call or visit us online to seek Mortgage Payment Relief at 866-397-5370, by going to loanssolutioncenter.com, or by going to yourmortgageonline.com and signing in to your account. Have a Home Equity Line of Credit(HELOC)? Call us at 505-455-5228 and ask for the Member Solutions Department. One of our friendly member service specialists will be happy to help you.
Q. What assistance is available for small businesses?
A. The US government has authorized emergency economic relief assistance for businesses that qualify. Click here for more information.
Q. How may I apply for a loan?
A. You may apply for a loan and sign completely online by clicking here.
Q. How can I open a checking or savings account?
A. You may open a checking or savings account by clicking here.
Q. How do I report fraud on my account?
A. You may report fraudulent activity by calling us at 505-455-5228 or toll free at 877-818-3628.

Useful Contact Information:

Call us: 505-455-5228 or 877-818-3628

Tellerphone: 505-662-0600

Send your questions or feedback to feedback@dncu.org

How Do I Get Service? More Answers to Specific Questions

Q. My income was effected or I was laid off, can I request a deferment on my loan payments?
A. We have a variety of alternatives available to help you. Please contact us at 505-455-5228. We will need a request for a deferment in writing from you. Our member solutions team will be reviewing all requests and customize a plan specific to your needs. Please mail the hardship relief request to membersolutions@dncu.org or fax to 505-455-5190.
Q. Can I get a new Debit Card or a Reloadable Visa?
A. Yes, come through our drive-thru, and we’ll take care of it.
Q.I have mobility challenges. What do I do?
A.If you are able to drive through our drive-thru, please do. If not, please call us for an appointment.
Q. How do I get a Cashiers Check?
A. Ask at our drive through.
Q.How do I have a Wire Transfer sent?
A. Call us please.
Q.What if I need to have document notarized or a Medallion stamp?
A.Call us to make an appointment to come in.
Q.I need to make a loan payment, and I don’t use your online banking, how do I make a payment?
A. Use the “Pay Here” button on our home page to make a one-time or recurring payment.
Q. Do you still have Shared Branching?
A.Yes, at our Trinity & White Rock offices only (using the drive thru).
Q.Can I apply for a Mortgage Loan or Refinance?
A.Yes. Please note we are experiencing very high volume in mortgage applications. Apply online by clicking here.  
Q. Can I access Del Norte Investment Services (DNIS)?
A.Please call to make an appointment.
Q.I need Account or Loan research assistance, how do I get help?
A.Please call us, and we will help.
Q. What is my ATM withdrawal limit?
A. $700.00 per day