Online Banking System & Browser Requirements

System & Browser Requirements

Please use the following information as a guide for an optimal Online Banking experience. We will provide updates to this policy on a periodic basis.  Our Online Banking partner's goals are to support as many of our members as possible and to help maintain security during Online Banking sessions. Our partner reviews industry browser usage trends, browser capabilities, and security information when deciding which browsers to consider supported and adds or removes supported browsers as usage and security change.

Operating System Requirements

Unless otherwise noted in this policy, the supported designation applies to any browser/operating system combination that is supported by the browser vendor. See listing below of supported browsers. All system specifications required by the browser or operating system vendors must be satisfied for an optimal Online Banking experience. Please update your system when recommended by your device.

Cookies:  Enabled (first and third party)

JavaScript:  Enabled

Minimum screen resolution for responsive content:  320 pixels wide

Minimum screen resolution for non-responsive content:  1024 x 768 pixels

PDF reader:  Compatible1

1Any compatible PDF viewer will suffice. For some operating systems PDF viewing capabilities are available out of the box without the need to install additional software. If a native PDF viewer is not available, use a PDF viewer such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Online Banking Supported Browser Summary

Online Banking products and services are designed to work with the default settings supplied by each browser. There are a few instances where the default settings supplied by a browser will cause issues with the usability of Online Banking (see note for Mac Safari users below). Please note not all browsers behave in the same way nor have the same default settings. Browsers have in the past and likely will again in the future change their defaults for a variety of reasons. DNCU's partner recommends Online Banking members use Tier 1 browsers if at all possible since all functionality in Online Banking has been testing with these browsers. Tier 2 browsers are supported but not tested as thoroughly. Browsers not listed are not supported, and we cannot predict whether Online Banking will function properly. Member Services staff are unable to assist with troubleshooting unsupported browsers.

  • Google Chrome (latest):Supported, Tier 1

    • Mobile (latest): Supported for responsive content, Tier 1

  • Mozilla Firefox (latest):Supported, Tier 1

  • Safari:

    • Safari 11: Supported, Tier 2

    • Safari 10: Supported, Tier 1

    • Mobile (latest): Supported for responsive content,Tier 1

  • Internet Explorer (latest): Supported, Tier 1

    • Microsoft Edge (latest): Supported, Tier 2

Responsive Content

Portions of Online Banking or this website are responsive, meaning the viewable content conforms to the size of your browser window. The Browser Policy's Tier 1 support is extended to cover screen sizes from 320 pixels to 1170 pixels wide. Content wider than 1170 pixels will be classified as Tier 2 support while screen sizes less than 320 pixels are unsupported.

Safari (Mac users only)

By default, Safari blocks all third-party cookies from being accepted. This setting will cause parts of Online Banking, including Bill Pay and other third-party services to function incorrectly. If you experience any issues accessing these parts of Online Banking using Safari, please verify cookie settings by going to Safari > Preferences or by hitting the Command key plus the comma key and looking at the Privacy tab. The option for Block cookies should be set to “Never.”

Note regarding Internet Explorer 

IE11 and Microsoft Edge are the only browsers being maintained by Microsoft as of this time. Online Banking and this website only support the most current version of IE and Microsoft Edge. 

Internet Explorer “Compatibility View”:  Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser has a legacy rendering feature called Compatibility View. It allows older websites to render pages according to a legacy set of rules to better display older web pages. This mode is effective in taking old websites that are not designed according to modern web standards and rendering them in such a way that users would be able to see and access the content as the authors intended. Compatibility View can be triggered by a web page that is not standards-compliant or can be explicitly enabled by the user.  If you are experiencing any difficulties with Online Banking and have Compatibility View turned on, the first step is to disable it.

Mobile and Tablet Browsers

Mobile browsers are web browsers that are optimized to effectively display web content on mobile devices. Our Online Banking user interface will now support smaller screen sizes, such as mobile devices.



If you still require assistance feel free to give us a call at (877) 818-DNCU (3628).