System & Browser Requirements

Please use the following information as a guide for an optimal Online Banking experience.

System Requirements

Cookies:  Enabled (first and third party)

JavaScript:  Enabled

Minimum screen resolution for responsive content:  320 pixels wide

Minimum screen resolution for non-responsive content:  1024 x 768 pixels

PDF reader:  Compatible1

1Any compatible PDF viewer will suffice. For some operating systems PDF viewing capabilities are available out of the box without the need to install additional software. If a native PDF viewer is not available, use a PDF viewer such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Online Banking Supported Browser Summary

  • Google Chrome: Supported, Tier 1

  • Mozilla Firefox: Supported, Tier 1

  • Safari 10 Supported, Tier 1

  • Internet Explorer 11 Supported, Tier 1

  • Microsoft Edge

    • Supported, Tier 2

Note regarding Browser Settings

Online Banking products and services are designed to work with the default settings supplied by each browser. There are a few instances where the default settings supplied by a browser will cause issues with the usability of Online Banking.

For instance, by default, Safari blocks all third-party cookies from being accepted. This setting will cause parts of Online Banking, including Bill Pay and other third-party services to function incorrectly. If end users experience any issues accessing these parts of Online Banking using Safari, please verify cookie settings by going to Safari > Preferences or by hitting the Command key plus the comma key and looking at the Privacy tab. The option for Block cookies should be set to “Never.”
Please note not all browsers behave in the same way nor have the same default settings. Browsers have in the past and likely will again in the future change their defaults for a variety of reasons. 

Note regarding Internet Explorer 

Internet Explorer 11 is free and available to download for users of Internet Explorer 10. It is recommended by Microsoft and is considered the superior of the two. Therefore IE10 is no longer supported for Online Banking. 

IE8 and IE9 are also not supported, in line with Microsoft practices to support only the latest version of IE.

Microsoft Edge
·     Microsoft Edge is the Default browser for the new Windows 10 Operating System
·     Microsoft Edge is currently supported as a Tier 2 Browser.  

If you still require assistance feel free to give us a call at (877) 818-DNCU (3628).