Bill Pay FAQs

Q. Is Bill Pay free?
A. Yes.
Q. Are my bill payments still guaranteed in Bill Pay?
A. Yes. Payments are guaranteed to be made by the "Send On" date that you specify when you set up a payment
What is the benefit of paying bills with DNCU's Bill Pay, as opposed to one of my biller's websites?
You can pay all your bills in one place. You only have to remember one username and password, and you can control your finances by viewing your balance and paying your bills from the same website.
How do I set up a payee (person or company I'm paying)?
It's an easy one-time process. All you need is a mailing address for an individual or a copy of your last paper bill for reference if paying a company. Enter your account number if you have one and the mailing address and you're set!
How long does it take to set up a payee online with DNCU's Bill Pay?
It only takes 5 minutes to log in and set up a new payee and you only have to enter payee information once. After a payee is set up, it is fast and easy to make future payments online in just a few clicks.
Can I modify a payment I set up online with DNCU's Bill Pay after I enter it?
Yes, you can make modifications to your payment before the bill is actually paid and up until it begins processing.
Can I get a printable version of the history of payments I set up online with DNCU's Bill Pay?
Certainly, just click the 'printer friendly' link when viewing your account history.
All of my bills are automatically debited out of my account by the payee. Why should I bother to set them up to pay online at DNCU?
Paying bills online with DNCU's Bill Pay gives you the control to determine which checking account the money should be taken from and when. Also, if you set up your payments to be automatically deducted by your biller, many of them will process the payment when your statement is issued as opposed to 3 - 4 weeks later when your bill is actually due.
Is paying bills online more secure than paying bills through the mail?
Paying bills online with DNCU Bill Pay is more secure because you avoid the threat of identity theft due to lost checkbooks, stolen bills, statements, and check payments.
Is paying my bills online with DNCU's Bill Pay more or less secure than using my cell phone provider's website to pay my cell phone bill?
Paying your bills online on your financial institution's website is more secure, because when submitting a payment online directly to a biller you are typically required to provide your financial account information to authorize a debit from your account.
How can I prove I paid someone online with DNCU's Bill Pay if there is no paper trail?
Your account statement is considered proof of payment.
What if the funds are not available in my account when I set up a payment online?
You can log in to DNCU's Online Banking to easily transfer funds from your savings to your checking account to cover payments or schedule the payment when you know you will have the funds available in your checking account.
What if I set up a payment and enter the wrong person or vendor?
When setting up new payees in Bill Pay, you can stop, edit or cancel that payment as long as processing has not yet started.
What if I set up a payment online with DNCU's Bill Pay and then forget who I paid?
You can easily access and view pending payments and payment history online in Bill Pay.
How much money can I save by paying bills online with DNCU's Bill Pay?
By paying your bills online, you can save the cost of checks and stamps you would use to pay your bills via U.S. mail.
How does paying bills online help protect the environment?
In one year, by switching from paper to electronic billing, statements and payments, the average American household would save 6.6 pounds of paper. Plus, if 20% of U.S. households switched to electronic bills, statements and payments, over 1.8 million trees would be saved each year.

Start now! Paying bills online is as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Login to your DNCU Online Banking.
  2. Click the Bill Pay tab and sign-up to pay your bills online from your DNCU checking account.
  3. Set up your payees and start paying your bills online.

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