Transfers & Direct Deposits


  • Activate Online Banking to make transfers conveniently between DNCU accounts or to another financial institution.
  • In Online Banking you may also use Popmoney to make payments to individuals.
  • Call the Member Service Center at 505 455-5228 or (877) 818-DNCU (3628) toll-free to activate Online Banking.

Direct Deposits

  • Check with your employer or the company which will be making the direct deposit. It is easiest to give them your DNCU account information, and they will set up the direct deposit.
  • See a Service Advisor if you need the proper account information to give your employer. **Please note account numbers cannot be given out over the phone because of privacy regulations. You must have your member number to request information by phone.

Come into any DNCU branch or call (505) 455-5228 or (877) 818-DNCU (3628) toll-free if you need assistance.