Stop Payment Request

Stop Payment Request

A Stop Payment is a request to deny payment of a check or payment. You may want to ask for a Stop Payment:

  • If you have written a check that you do not want DNCU to honor
  • If your check order is missing or delayed
  • If you want to stop a bill payment, POP$ payment or external transfer

Please call us during business hours to request a Stop Payment at (505) 455-5228 or (877) 818-DNCU. 

  1. You must request the Stop Payment in writing (we will send you a form, or you can stop by a branch)
  2. There is a fee for this service. See Fees here. 
  3. A Stop Payment expires six (6) months from the date of the request.

Call us at (505) 455-5228 or (877) 818-DNCU with questions.