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At DNCU, we feel that you should choose the method of communication that you prefer when communicating with us. That choice is what we mean when we say "Call-Click-Go."

Call - 505 455-5228 or (877) 818-DNCU (3628) toll-free.

Click - find what you need here on dncu.org or click to ask a question and get an e-mail response. Please do not send your account number or other personal identification via email.

Go - click here for a list of our 6 convenient locations or click to a specific one below:

We love your feedback. We are here to improve lives! Please tell us how we're doing by emailing us at our feedback address.

Member Service Contact Information:
307084211 Routing Number for Direct Deposit
E-Mail Form Email Us Questions/Concerns
Do not include member number, social security number or other personal information
(505) 455-5228
(877) 818-3628 Toll-Free
Member Service Center
(505) 455-5356
(888) 278-5228 Toll-Free
Apply for a Consumer Loan
(505) 662-0600
(505) 747-9000
(800) 262-5228
(866) 660-2572 Online Bill Pay Customer Service
Fax Numbers:
(800) 713-0260 Submit Proof of Insurance
Credit/Debit Card Contact Information:
1-800-654-7728 Cardholder Services (Visa Platinum)
1-800-527-7728 Card Activation
1-800-637-7728 Visa Gold Points
1-800-449-7728 Report a lost or stolen Visa Credit or Debit Card
505-455-5228* Report a lost or stolen ATM Card**

*For ATM cards, you will be required to have the card number in order to report the card lost or stolen. Please call DNCU at 1-800-634-3362 if you do not have this information.
** After hours please call 1-888-241-2510.

Mailing Addresses:
Del Norte Credit Union
P.O. Box 1180
Los Alamos, NM 87544
DNCU Mailing Address
Del Norte Credit Union
40 Rover
White Rock, NM 87547
DNCU Overnight Address
P.O. Box 60097
City of Ind., CA 91716
Visa Payment Address
2525 Corporate Palace
2nd Floor
Monterey Park, CA 91754
Credit Card Overnight Address